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2. handmilled or rebatched – this is when you melt down a finished soap, add scent, oils, milks, teas, botanicals – mold and cool. Milling adds lots of air and smoothness to the soap. Ever heard of French Milled? Mystery solved. Rebatching is milling referring specifically to a batch of cold process soap that for whatever reason didn’t work out – usually if it is too watery or soft and refuses to cure properly. I have heard of the most successful milling being done in old yard sale crock pots. Lots of soapmaking places sell soap noodles for milling purposes. If you want to buy a soap from the store to mill make sure you are buying something pure and fragrance free – lots of bath bars are not soap – they are detergent and will not act the same way as soap. If it is actually soap it will have the word soap on the label. Detergent based bars are not allowed to call themselves soap.

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