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To keep in mind if you are going to try melt and pour or milling – if you are vegan or vegetarian pay close attention to the ingredients list, soaps like Ivory are made using animal fats – tallow is the word used on labels. Glycerin (either the liquid or solid soap base) often contains animal fats – if it is vegetable based it will say so. There are books on all three methods with recipes in bookstores – I’ll probably make up a list a bit later on, there are a lot of books out there. Oh and – this Bathology soap idea – ABC123 would be easily copied using these alphabet molds from Martha. No numbers but you could spell out a message or a name. Soapmaking supplies for melt and pour, and milling can sometimes be found in craft stores (given the recent trendiness (Martha-ness?) of the make it yourself stuff. Otherwise there are a number of online supplies – a few I’m pretty comfortable with: Majestic Mountain Sage, From Nature With Love, Sunfeather Soap company supplies. Also, I did a little review thingy of the Martha By Mail Essential Oils soap kit you can read here and decided if it is worth getting the kit. I have only ever done melt and pour, it’s fun and impresses people!

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