Not Martha


Soapmaking 101 – there are three different ways of making soap at home and these guys explain it. Also, check out soap rocks if you’ve never seen them before – very pretty. Despite what it may or may not say on that site, this was not the first person to make these. There are some instructions on making your own which I seem to have lost. Darn.

[ I just want to make it clear that you really need to know what you’re doing before you start working with lye, ok? It can be bad, like Fight Club bad, but I’ve heard that in reality the vinegar doesn’t actually stop the burning, just neutraizes the chemical process of your skin being melted away. And you need to avoid breathing in the fumes. Also, lye soapmaking is not something you do in an apartment, it can be smelly, not to mention the eating through the floorboards. Neoprene gloves, goggles, completely covered skin, rubber apron, thick boots, whole bit. I know many soapmakers even go with the full on gas masks. Don’t skimp, I’ve heard more than enough personal horror stories from mailing lists. Ok? good, just be very careful. ]

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